World Paper Free Day

Communication amongst humankind was oral for a long period. As civilizations evolved, they needed to communicate in a different method. People communicated through signs and symbols carved into tree bark, paintings on cave walls, and marked on papyrus or clay tablets.

About 2000 years ago, the Chinese invented what we know today as paper, then in a coarse form, and used it to communicate.

During the eighth century, the secret of papermaking got to be known by the present region known as the Middle East. It took another 500 years for papermaking to enter Europe. One of the first paper mills was built in Spain, and soon, the paper was being made at mills across Europe.

Later it spread across the world. At first, cloth fibres were used and later tree fibres were used. As time passed, trees were being felled to make paper and the environmental damage to the earth had begun.

Nowadays, more recycled paper and sustainable tree planting and growing for paper pulp are being followed.

Technological developments began with the Personal Computers and now to Tabs and Phones have nearly reduced our dependency on paper.

To bring awareness of the environmental damages due to the use of paper, we celebrate the World Paper-Free Day.

That you are reading this article on an electronic device itself is proof of your contribution to this cause.

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