International STRESS AWARENESS day

international stress awareness day

The levels of stress and anxiety are rising due to severe changes in lifestyle along with the uncertainties, of post-COVID-19 circumstances. Typically psychological and mental health assistance is needed. People often have strong reactions to the life-endangering situations of disasters that, in many cases, last long beyond the threat itself.

They form a psycho-physiological response that can be crippling to the individual. This is called either acute stress disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depending on when the manifestations appear.

The most common signs of PTSD are depression, anxiety, anger, and isolation. Sleep is frequently interrupted and the body’s immune system is compromised. Somatic symptoms can encompass bellyaches, digestive troubles, headaches, backaches, cardiological issues including high blood pressure, problems with vision, and a host of other similar medical conditions.

More than the causes of the STRESS, how WE REACT to those CAUSES determines OUR ABILITY to lead a STRESS-FREE LIFE.

One of the easiest ways to beat the STRESS is to have a FIRM BELIEF in YOURSELF you are MORE CAPABLE of WHAT YOU THINK you ARE and to have the FAITH that NOTHING is GOING to LAST for EVER.

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