significance of 11 Nov

International Energy Saving Day

We have all heard of the Green Movement and the Climate Change Movement. Is it for real? Was a question in our minds a decade or two ago. Now we have seen the effects in our daily lives where we cannot predict the climate of our region day-to-day. Our common refrain has been, once upon

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Nov 10

World Quality Day

World Quality Day is observed every year on the second Thursday in November. This year, it falls on November 10. The purpose of this day is to raise quality awareness and provide support to individuals and organizations for the achievement of economic prosperity and the adoption of high-quality standards. In 2008, the first World Quality

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significance of november 9 by Ooty Town

International INVENTOR’s Day

We all say that Necessity is the mother of invention. While this may be true, not all who are in any need, think and start to Invent or Innovate. Invention needs a curious mind which explores different dimensions with no inhibitions. There are many inventions made by many people who have lived in this world.

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significance of Nov 08

World Radiography Day

Radiography uses the science of radiation to produce images of tissues and organs. Read on to learn more about radiography and those who work within the field. Radiography is used by medical professionals to diagnose and treat medical conditions. The diagnostic side of radiography uses specialized equipment to create images, such as X-rays, that show

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significance of Nov 7

International Day of Medical Physics

Medical Physics is an applied branch of physics concerned with the application of the concepts and methods of physics to the diagnosis and treatment of human disease. It is allied with medical electronics, bioengineering, and health physics. Medical physicists are concerned with three areas of activity: clinical service and consultation, research and development, and teaching.

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Significance of November 6

World Paper Free Day

Communication amongst humankind was oral for a long period. As civilizations evolved, they needed to communicate in a different method. People communicated through signs and symbols carved into tree bark, paintings on cave walls, and marked on papyrus or clay tablets. About 2000 years ago, the Chinese invented what we know today as paper, then

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